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Lesson Eight Science Has Spoiled My Supper科 学 毁 了 我 的 晚 餐 2018-12-13
By Philip Wylie菲利浦.怀利  I am a fan for Science .My education is scientific and I have , in one field , contributed a monograph to a scien ...
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Lesson 7 Ace in the hole 2018-12-12
By John Updike ] 约翰?厄普代克  No sooner did his car touch the boulevard heading home than Ace flicked on the radio .  车子刚开上通 ...
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Lesson Six Trifles ( Part two ) 琐事(第二部分) 2018-12-10
Mrs. Hale : ( Abruptly moving toward her . ) Mrs . Perters ?  黑尔夫人:(突然走向她)彼得斯夫人?  Mrs. Perters : Yes , Mrs. Hale ?& ...
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Lesson Five Trifles (Part One ) 2018-12-10
By Susan Glaspell  Characters人物  George Henderson , county attorney乔治?亨德森,县法官  Henry Peters ,Sheriff亨利?彼得斯,司法 ...
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Lesson Four The Tragedy(悲劇) of Old Age in America 2018-12-09
By Robert N. Butler  Text  美国老年的悲剧  What is it like to be old in the United States ?  在美国,老年是个什么样子 ...
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Lesson 3 What's wrong with our press ? 2018-12-09
Lesson Three What’s Wrong With Our Press ?  我们的报纸问题何在?  Newspapers have two great advantages over television  报纸 ...
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